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It all started when...

My love of ping pong became a desire to spread the pong love! We started with 30-40 people upstairs at the Eagles and a $600 donation...the question of whom would receive the money raised was a tough one. As a passionate teacher, I wanted to give back to my students and colleagues so I called up  the Bozeman Schools Foundation and they were happy to receive our meager earnings the first year.

Fast forward 5 years and here we are preparing for the 5th Annual Bozeman Ping Pong Tournament benefiting the Bozeman Schools Foundation. With each tournament we have doubled our donation; last year we were able to provide BSF with $6000 dollars to support their programs and scholarships. All of our proceeds go to the students and teachers throughout the Gallatin Valley. 

This year we hope to make our contribution even bigger and better, thanks to the generous support of community members like you!