Blazing Paddles is Bozeman's source for all things table tennis. We are pong gurus ready to tackle any Ping Pong adventure you can dream up. So dream big. We have our own Ping Pong dreams too and we are ready to make those dreams come true. 

Lifelong lovers of pong, we are in the business of spreading the pong love and we relish the chance to grow the community of pong-o-philes hungry for competition and camaraderie here in Bozeman. Our beautiful mountain town is home to countless other lovers of pong, both active and dormant in their dedication, who need a place to play and foster their love of the game. So Blazing Paddles was born.

We believe Ping Pong transcends all boundaries: tall, short, fast, slow, fat, skinny, old, young, male, female, the list goes on. Anyone can dominate the table. This sport brings us together and provides a welcoming atmosphere for all people to relax, be active, make friends, grow rivalries, earn bragging rights, and kick back. 

Don't miss Pong Tuesdays at MAP Brewing Co. and keep your ears open for other Blazing Paddles adventures!